Counter Strike Xtreme

Program that modifies the titular game and adds hundreds of new elements


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  • Category Online games
  • Program license Free
  • Version (CS 1.6 mod)
  • Works under: Windows Vista / Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 7
  • Program available in English
  • Program by bluluxabica

Counter Strike Xtreme is a free mod that adds new action to the classic game and brings in some big changes to your favorite levels.

Originally released in 2000, Counter Strike is a first-person shooter game that gives you the option of playing as a part of a terrorist team or a team of counter-terrorists. Both teams spawn on the map at the same time and receive a set of objectives that they must complete to finish the level and win. Those objectives may require that you locate and diffuse a bomb, rescue hostages from the terrorists, kill a politician, or save the politician before the terrorists kill him. The game also includes cash incentives for completing side missions and doing things like scoring the most points or getting to a bomb first.

The game also comes with a built-in scoreboard that helps you keep track of your own accomplishments and the accomplishments of your teammates. When you die in the game, it will update the scoreboard to include information about players on the other team. You can use that information to change the way you play and score more points in the next round.

Players and developers released a number of mods for this game over the years, but Counter Strike Xtreme has some of the best reviews. The mod brings in new characters, including those you play against and those you can play as, as well as some new weapons. It also enhances some of the most beloved levels. Players often learn what works and do the same actions to finish a certain level faster. With these new mods, you'll find that the map changes and that you need to adjust the way you play.

Counter Strike Xtreme also comes with three new game modes. Ghost Mode turns certain players invisible and replaces their guns with knives. You must either bring down enemies with just a knife or outrun enemies you cannot see. Zombie Mode 3 turns one player into an infected zombie within the first 40 seconds of play and asks you to last as long as you can before you catch the infection. It also comes with a Zombie Scenario Mode that awards you new weapons and cash for outlasting the zombies that attack your team. If you want a whole new way to play Counter Strike, download and play Counter Strike Xtreme today.


  • Enhances and improves some of the standard levels
  • Comes with new weapons you can unlock
  • Includes two new game modes for playing against zombies
  • Features a ghost mode that turns players invisible
  • Adds new and harder to beat computer generated players or bots


  • Installation file is quite big
  • Downloading and installing the game takes some time
  • Is not an official release from the game's developers
  • May come with some bugs that require future patches to fix
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